Gregory Cottard

Amateur rider since a young age, Grégory decided to make it his profession at age of 16 years old.

In 2009, he moved to Drocourt in the Yvelines to the stables of Wy belonging to Marie-Caroline Besins owner of most of his horses.

Since his 2010 season, Grégory Cottard has been winning victories and rankings in the biggest national and international Grand Prix.

The year 2013 was noticed by his title of champion of France Pro Elite won with Pepyt 'of Elfs, her mare of heart. A performance that opened the doors of the 5 * competitions the following year in Bordeaux and La Baule.

After having built other horses, he has reached the level 5 * this season 2017. Riding the mare vice-champion of France Pro Elite, Aure Regatta, he won the Nations Cup 5 * CSIO Gijon as member of the France team.

My philosophy

Gregory meets a point of honor at the position of the rider and his balance.

For Gregory if the rider is not himself in balance he can not manage the balance of his horse.

Preparation and work on a balloon is then beneficial to improve this aspect (see picture).

Regarding the mind, Grégory explains that the most the balance of the couple is mastered, the better technical exercises of a high level can be achieved which gave a lot of confidence to the rider.

On flat his favorite exercise is done on three bars on the ground spaced 15,50 meters from each others. This arrangement makes possible to work on a large number of exercices